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If you are in crisis or you’re looking for immediate help for someone else- this is not the site for you today.  Please check these sources for urgent help: GET HELP NOW



Our organization was formed to carry on the late brilliant Canadian comedian Matt Billon's passion for helping people.


Matt, like many comedians, suffered from mental health and addictions. By fostering a community built on empathy, kindness, and mutual support, we aspire to help comedians lead their best lives, finding fulfillment and joy not only in their craft but also in their personal well-being. Together, we envision a future where comedians thrive, creating laughter that heals, inspires, and uplifts the world while embracing their own mental health and happiness.

At our core, we believe in the transformative power of laughter and the incredible resilience of comedians. Our mission is to create a cool supportive and inclusive community where comedians can thrive, both personally and professionally, while effectively managing their mental health and overcoming addictions.


We strive to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and create an environment where seeking help is encouraged, celebrated, and embraced.


We are building networks and collaborations with mental health professionals, addiction specialists, and industry experts, to offer comprehensive support systems tailored specifically to the unique needs of comedians. Our goal is to ensure that every comedian receives the necessary guidance, resources, and- if needed- access to treatment options, enabling them to manage their mental health and addiction challenges with compassion and understanding.




In donations and treatment sponsorships


The Billon Foundation hosts comedy events to raise awareness and funds to support our mission of being a positive presence for comedians.


We connect comedians with online resources, events, challenges, treatment options, and a growing community of like-minded humans who aim to live their best lives while making the world laugh.


We are currently working to build our online and social media resources, which aim to include online clinical counselling, alternative therapies, fun challenges (Sober October, eg.), well-being and mindfulness education, online fitness classes including yoga and guided meditation, and like-minded partner events and resources.


Are you a comedian?  Sign up for our FREE membership today and help make a difference.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of The Billon Foundation, established to carry on Matt Billon’s passion for helping people manage their mental health and addictions to live their best life. We are excited to have comedians like yourself join our community!

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All donations go directly to support our mission of connecting and supporting comedians who are ready to make a change in their lives.



We would love to have you on board! 

Email us with your name, city you live in, what this cause means to you, and how you'd like to be involved- we can't wait to hear from you!

The Billon Foundation is excited to share all

updates related to Fly High:  The Story of Matt Billon

Tis documentary in the making is about our dear bf, Matt billon.

follow us below for more updates on this project!

Fly High - The story of matt billon




Matty Billon Day was a very special and successful event– sincere thanks to Matt Wall and The Laugh Shop Calgary, our incredibly generous sponsors, allllll the incredible performers, and everyone who came out for the show, making this a night to remember Matty in the best way. Funds raised from this event supported the next direction of our foundation- stay tuned for some big announcements soon!

Kim Finlayson

Executive Director, Cofounder

Kim is Matt Billon’s sister.  From her 20 years of experience in the federal government and in the local advisory committee of assistance programs, Kim’s strengths include organizational and administrative skills, and experience in facilitating information sessions and connecting people to resources related to mental health and addiction.  Kim’s educational background of Business Administration, Fine Arts, and Education, along with her close connection and dedication to her brother’s memory, are at the disposal of this group to ensure its success, while having a laugh.

Ryan Lachance

Grants and Partnerships, Cofounder

Ryan is one of Matt’s closest friends and has had over 20 years of experience in standup comedy and public speaking.  Ryan has been hired multiple times as a keynote speaker in Canada and the US, and  has a degree in International Business and Trade and Logistics.

Peter Hudson

Events and Media, Cofounder

Peter is one of Matt Billon’s best friends.  He is also a headline standup comedian/producer.  Peter is a proud father and community mental health advocate.  His experience and skills related to the comedy industry, paired with his newly acquired certification in Mental Health Support and Crisis Response, along with his love for Matt makes him an invaluable co-founder of this project.

Roxanne Craigdallie

Administration & Gap Filler

Roxanne met Matt when he was just dipping his toes in the comedy pool and became a sort of Den Mother.  He was best man at her wedding to another of Matt’s closest buds, Mike Craigdallie.  He always had a room in their home and will always have a place in their heart.


Chris Billon

Fundraisers and Merchandise Team

Chris is Matt's older brother. He is passionate about the entertainment business and he's been working in the film industry for 12 years. He has worked in many different areas of the industry. Chris  has had roles as a production assistant, locations manager, background coordinator and currently as a 3rd assistant director. He also worked in  hospitality for over 20 years in a wide range of positions. Chris is a kind and  thoughtful person who loves helping people in need. He brings a smile to people's faces with his funny humour and friendly personality. 

Spencer Finlayson

Fundraisers & Merchandise Team

Spencer is one of Matt Billon’s two nephews. He is currently going to school trying to figure out the right career choice, but has experience in almost all trade related careers, which has developed great trouble-shooting skills and is here to keep things running smoothly in any way shape or form. He also has many business connections in Matt's family's home town of Penticton BC, and his youth presence will help contribute and bring awareness of mental health and addiction to our younger crowds.

Ethan Finlayson

Fundraisers & Merchandise Team

Ethan is Matt Billon's youngest nephew.  Ethan has a passion for fitness and nutrition, and is currently obtaining his Personal Trainer license.  Ethan's love for his uncle, and like-minded compassion for others, has motivated him to be involved in this organization.  Ethan and Spencer are co-creating and managing The Billon Foundation merchandise, and look forward to attending as many events as possible to connect with others.

Tanya Cressman

Fundraisers & Merchandise Lead

Tanya was Matt’s girlfriend over the last 2 years and shared many wonderful and fun memories with him.  Tanya’s strengths include 20 years of professional sales in the medical field, experience putting on large events, presentations and having a strong business background. 

Tanya’s educational background includes a degree in Management.  Her loving dedication to Matt’s memory and a passion for helping make a difference,  makes her enthusiastic  to be part of this project.

Brennan Hinchsliff

Marketing, Web & Design

Creation has always been the driving force behind all of Brennan’s ventures. A graduated graphic designer from Vancouver Island University, Brennan has offered his skills to a vast range of projects including web design, brand revitalization, marketing management, and business restoration. Brennan got his start in Nanaimo restoring, rebranding and managing the popular LevelTwo Nightclub, later achieving similar success in assisting in the restoration of The Queen’s. While managing these venues, simultaneously going to VIU, and taking on odd design jobs, Brennan started up Mindsai Creative, and within a few months what was once a part-time gig had grown into a full 6 person team. Since then, the Mindsai team has run several online marketing campaigns and rebranding initiatives, and helped many local businesses get a leap forward in the digital world.

Emma Proulx

Grants & Partnerships

Emma is a Continuing Care Assistant who moved to BC from Saskatchewan a few years ago and has been working with Ryan Lachance. Through her and Ryan’s friendship she met Matt and became good friends with him as well. She has fallen in love with the comedy industry from watching Ryan at his shows and has become a part of the Vancouver comedy scene. Emma is good at kindling strong connections and friendships which will be an asset for when the Billon Foundation is fundraising and doing comedy tours. She is very passionate about helping others and is ready to help when wherever she is needed. 


A huge heartfelt thank you to 


For providing our very first full treatment sponsorship for a comedian in the Lower Mainland as a result of TBF's inaugural event- SoberFest 2022!

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